Integrate 3rd-Party JS Snippet
  • 26 Feb 2023
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Integrate 3rd-Party JS Snippet

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How do I integrate the PerimeterX 3rd-Party Snippet?


The third-party snippet serves the sensor and manages server communication from the PerimeterX domain. Insert the snippet on all pages you want to protect.

Integrate the 3rd-Party JS Snippet

Websites and Single-Page apps

  • The Snippet code window (Platform Settings -> Applications -> [[relevant application]] -> Snippet) contains the automatically generated code snippet for your account, including any custom defined parameters you have added.
  • Insert this code snippet into all pages on your site
    We recommend that the snippet is the first script after <head>. If this is not possible, it should be inserted as high up in the HTML as possible


Mobile applications

Refer to our integration instructions for the iOS SDK and Android SDK

Have a look!

Dashboard statistics will start to accumulate once traffic starts arriving from the embedded sensor.

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