Upgrading the Enforcer

To upgrade to a newer version of the PerimeterX Fastly Enforcer please email Support or contact your customer success representative via Slack.
You will be asked to provide the following information for PerimeterX to start work on upgrading the VCL:

  • Your current version of VCL
  • Copies of the following files:
    • main.vcl
    • px_custom.vcl
    • px_configs.vcl
    • px.vcl
  • Application name/ID

An alternative upgrade process would be to provide the Fastly API token with engineering permissions to our solution architects team to enable PerimeterX to auto upgrade your VCL files directly in your Fastly account.


Importent Note:

Automatic upgrade of the Fastly enforcer will be available soon on the PerimeterX portal.
This will be supported from Fastly v8.0.0 and above.