Upgrading the Enforcer

Upgrading the Enforcer Manually



If your current AWS Lambda enforcer version is v2.14.0 or below, please turn to your PerimeterX contact person for support. If your AWS Lambda enforcer version is v3.0.0 and above, please upgrade by following the steps below.

PerimeterX's AWS Lambda Enforcer is composed of anywhere between one to three AWS Lambda functions. The steps below are geared toward the required PXEnforcer Lambda function, but they are the same for the PXFirstParty and PXActivities Lambda functions as well.

  1. In the AWS Console, navigate to your PXEnforcer Lambda function.
  2. In the top right corner, click Actions and then Export Function. When prompted, download the deployment package and save it locally on your computer. (This will download your existing PXEnforcer Lambda function as a .zip file, which is crucial not only for backup purposes but also to conserve your existing configuration and customizations.)
  3. In the code tab on the right, click the Upload From button and select .zip.
  4. Upload the PXEnforcer.zip file provided to you by PerimeterX and click Save. This will delete the old PXEnforcer Lambda function and install the upgraded version.
  5. Replace the content of the newly uploaded custom/config.js and custom/custom.js files with the content of the older PXEnforcer Lambda function downloaded in step #2. (This will transfer over your configurations and customizations to the upgraded enforcer.)
  6. Click the Deploy button to save the changes to AWS.
  7. After testing the upgraded PXEnforcer Lambda function, deploy the function to [email protected] by publishing a new version and associating the published version with your Cloudfront distribution.