reCAPTCHA Enterprise

If you choose to use Google reCAPTCHA Enterprise on your site as an alternative to PerimeterX Human Challenge, you need to provide us with your Google Cloud Platform Project ID, the Site Key and an API Key with the appropriate permissions:

  1. Create a Google Cloud Platform account and project and enable reCAPTCHA Enterprise via the GCP platform
  2. Create a Site Key according to the steps described in the GCP documentation or in their console
    When creating the key, make sure to select the Checkbox ("I'm not a robot") with scoring integration option



In the Domain list, add, and any website domain on which the reCaptcha will be displayed under (i.e <>). Alternatively, if you do not know this ahead of time, you can disable domain verification by unchecking Verify domains.

  1. Create an API key by following the steps described in the GCP documentation or in their console
    When creating the API Key, be sure to restrict it to reCAPTCHA Enterprise only
  1. To find your Project ID, go to your Google Cloud Platform Dashboard. The Project ID is the second line down in Project Info widget
  1. In the PerimeterX console, go to Platform Settings > Applications and open Challenge Configuration
  2. Select reCAPTCHA Enterprise as the challenge provider
  1. Paste the Site Key, Project ID and the API Key into the appropriate text boxes
  2. Select the Validate Challenge button (A reCaptcha element will be generated)
  3. Solve the reCaptcha element (A “success” notification will appear if valid)
  4. Click Apply Changes

Configuration and Customization

reCaptcha supports two themes: light and dark (default). Theme selection is configured as follows:


For additional information about the Block page context customizations and configurations see here.

Quotas and Limitations

Google’s reCAPTCHA Enterprise service is subject to certain quotas and limitations. It is also a paid service which will need to be contracted outside of the PerimeterX service. Please take this into account when choosing this option over other challenges such as the PerimeterX managed Human Challenge.

More information can be found on the Google reCAPTCHA Enterprise site