Advanced Blocking Response

In special cases, (such as XHR post requests) a full Captcha page render might not be an option. In such cases, using the Advanced Blocking Response returns a JSON object containing all the information needed to render your own Captcha challenge implementation, be it a popup modal, a section on the page, etc. The Advanced Blocking Response occurs when a request contains the Accept header with the value of application/json. A sample JSON response appears as follows:

    "appId": String,
    "jsClientSrc": String,
    "firstPartyEnabled": Boolean,
    "vid": String,
    "uuid": String,
    "hostUrl": String,
    "blockScript": String

Once you have the JSON response object, you can pass it to your implementation (with query strings or any other solution) and render the Captcha challenge.

In addition, you can add the _pxOnCaptchaSuccess callback function on the window object of your Captcha page to react according to the Captcha status. For example when using a modal, you can use this callback to close the modal once the Captcha is successfully solved.

An example of using the _pxOnCaptchaSuccess callback on the browser JS is as follows:

window._pxOnCaptchaSuccess = function(isValid) {
    if(isValid) {
    } else {

For details on how to create a custom challenge page, refer to the documentation

The following Enforcers support Advanced Blocking Response in their latest version:

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