PerimeterX Page Defender overview


Browser malware and extensions, such as coupon extensions, price comparisons, unwanted ads and fraudulent affiliate codes, negatively impact your user’s experience and your digital business. They distract and confuse the customers and disrupt their path to purchase with pop-ups and ads, making it difficult to view content and browse your site. Clicking on a pop-up could redirect a user to a competitor or third-party site, causing disorientation and distrust of your site and brand. Because distractions from browser extensions and ad injections are carried by the end user, the site owner never sees them. These distractions hurt your conversion rates, brand reputation and your bottom line.

Malware of all types poses serious threats to both privacy and security. There are thousands of extensions out there. Some are malicious and bring malware with them. These extensions steal usernames, passwords, and personal data. As a website owner, you have no idea what your visitors are bringing with them when they visit your site. Even worse, these malicious extensions are sometimes installed as part of free anti-malware software.


Page Defender is a browser-malware protection solution that preserves the intended online user experience by blocking distractions from browser extensions and ad injections. Page Defender ensures that your users go through the digital journey that you planned for them. The site and information looks and acts as intended preserving your online brand experience, increasing conversion rates and driving revenue growth.

Becasue not all extensions are malicious - they can sometimes even help your conversion rates - Page Defender allows you to monitor all distractions and gives you the ability to block some extensions and allow others, based on your customized business needs.