PerimeterX platform overview

The PerimeterX platform architecture is based on the following three elements:

PerimeterX Sensor

PerimeterX JavaScript snippet is inserted on your website and loads the PerimeterX Sensor to your browser. The Sensor collects and sends data to analyze the user’s and device’s behavior as well as different network activities. The sensor analyzes the authenticity of the device and application, and tracks user behavior and interaction.

PerimeterX Enforcer

A lightweight module that is installed on your choice of web application, load balancer or CDN and is responsible for the enforcement functionality of the PerimeterX solution.

PerimeterX Detector

The cloud-based detector evaluates sensor and enforcer data in real-time using machine learning and behavioral analytics to create a risk score. The risk score identifies whether a user is malicious or not and is sent in a secure and encrypted token back to the user’s device.