Managing Accounts

How to manage your account using the Accounts section in the Platform Settings tab

Usually, there is one account per company. Even if you have multiple websites and/or applications, only one account is necessary.

To review your account information, go to the Accounts section in the Platform Settings tab. There, Below the company information, there is a list of all existing applications associated with your account, periodic reports, and access tokens.

Access Tokens

Access Tokens allow you to securely allow traffic that is generated by friendly applications/users.

To generate an access token, click Add and assign it a lifetime by clicking on the desired date/time.
Page requests using this token by setting HTTP Header x-px-access-token: <valid security token> will automatically be allowed by the Bot Defender and be considered as "custom Allowlist" for the lifetime of the access token.

PII Compliance

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is information that can be used on its own or with other information to identify a single person, or to identify an individual in context.
When PII is enabled, PerimeterX does not store a client’s full IP information (Client IP, HTTP Headers). In IPv4 this is done by zeroing 4th IP octet (for example, the IP will be stored as In IPv6 this is done by zeroing the last four (4) octets (for example, the IP 1:2:3:4:1:2:3:4 will be stored as 1:2:3:4:1:2:3:0).



PII is not a recommended setting. If PII is essential for your organization, contact PerimeterX Support.

Removing the IP's last octet can result small reduction of detection capability, usually for the models and signatures that are based on IPs.

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