Logging and Troubleshooting

perimeterx-java-sdk is using SLF4J and Logback for logs.

For further information please visit SLF4J and Logback.

The following steps are welcome when contributing to our project.


First and foremost, Create a fork of the repository, and clone it locally. Create a branch on your fork, preferably using a self descriptive branch name.


Code your way out of your mess, and help improve our project by implementing missing features, adding capabilities or fixing bugs.

To run the code, simply follow the steps in the installation guide. Grab the keys from the PerimeterX Portal, and try refreshing your page several times continuously. If no default behaviors have been overriden, you should see the PerimeterX block page. Solve the CAPTCHA to clean yourself and start fresh again.

Pull Request

After you have completed the process, create a pull request to the Upstream repository. Please provide a complete and thorough description explaining the changes. Remember this code will be evaluated by our maintainers, so keep it simple, smart and accurate.