Multiple AppIDs support

The SDK has support for multiple AppIDs. If your app communicates with multiple servers which have different AppIDs you should make sure that the correct headers are sent to each server.

You can configure multiple AppIDs for the PerimeterX SDK, by calling the PerimeterX/start(appId:delegate:enableDoctorCheck:completion:) function for each AppID you have.

When using multiple AppIDs, you should:

  1. Specify the relevant AppID anytime you call functions in the PerimeterX SDK.
  2. Set the domain list in the policy for each AppID. Here is an example:
let policyForAppId1 = PXPolicy()"")
PerimeterX.setPolicy(policy: policyForAppId1, forAppId: "<APP_ID_1>", completion: nil)

let policyForAppId2 = PXPolicy()"")
PerimeterX.setPolicy(policy: policyForAppId2, forAppId: "<APP_ID_2>", completion: nil)
PXPolicy *policyForAppId1 = [[PXPolicy alloc] init]; = [NSSet setWithObject:@""];
[PerimeterX setPolicyWithPolicy:policyForAppId1 forAppId:@"<APP_ID_1>" completion:nil];

PXPolicy *policyForAppId2 = [[PXPolicy alloc] init]; = [NSSet setWithObject:@""];
[PerimeterX setPolicyWithPolicy:policyForAppId2 forAppId:@"<APP_ID_2>" completion:nil];