Customers wishing to upgrade to a newer version of the PerimeterX Fastly Enforcer should to email Support or contact your Technical Account Manager. You will be asked to provide the following information for PerimeterX to start work on upgrading the VCL:

  • Your current version of VCL, or the Fastly Enforcer integration date (if known)
  • Copies of the following files:
    • main.vcl
    • px_custom.vcl
    • px_configs.vcl
  • Provide the fully generated VCL file (Generated VCL: For the Service and version where you will install the enforcer >> press the "OPTIONS" button and select "Show VCL")
  • Application name/ID
  • Any additional changes needed (adding/removing sensitive routes, paths, etc.)

Once a request has been submitted, the normal turnaround for a Solutions Architect to return the upgraded VCL files is 2-3 weeks. Four files will be returned for you to upload in the Custom VCL section of Fastly:

  1. main.vcl → MAIN
  2. px.vcl → PX
  3. px_custom.vcl → CUSTOM
  4. px_configs.vcl → CONFIGS

When the above files are uploaded to the Custom VCL section of Fastly, the upgrade is completed and your Enforcer is upgraded.

For more information, contact PerimeterX Support.

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