CSP Integration Configuration

Installing the PerimeterX Enforcer for the Fastly Enforcer

Creating and Configuring the Edge-Dictionary

In order to support Code Defender CSP Capability in Fastly Enforcer the following configurations are required:

  1. The Fastly Enforcer module should be upgraded to v6.0.0 or higher.

  2. Create an edge-dictionary named px_csp_rdata to contain the CSP data with the following command.

curl -X POST -H 'Fastly-Key: FASTLY_API_TOKEN' -d 'name=px_csp_rdata' https://api.fastly.com/service/<service_id>/version/<version_number>/dictionary

See the Fastly documentation for more information on edge-dictionaries.

3a. In the px_config.vcl, create the cs_data dictionary with a Fastly API key with Engineering permission. and the px_csp_rdata dictionary ID


3b. Create the cs_data dictionary as an edge-dictionary with a Fastly API key with Engineering permission and the px_csp_rdata dictionary ID

table cs_data {
     "eng_key": "1234567",
     "px_csp_rdata_id": "12345678"

The PerimeterX team will take over the rest of the integration process once your edge-dictionary is configured.

When the our back-end work is finished, CSP is integrated on your site, and you can enable and disable the policy from your console.

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