Configure Policy and Baseline

How do I configure, and what is the PerimeterX policy and baseline?

Bot Defender

  • Configure any Custom Rules you may need, such as internal testing tools or specific partner traffic.
  • Review the pre-configured Known Bots & Crawlers add any disabled bots you do use and block those you do not wish to allow.

Code Defender

Establishing Baselines

Once Code Defender is deployed, a site baseline is established and compared to a common global baseline and known script behaviors. Since Code Defender identifies all running scripts and their real-time actions affecting the client-side, every script and every action is thoroughly analyzed based on their unique behavior, origin, actions, and activities, in order to highlight all anomalies, incidents and vulnerabilities.

Initial Portal Insights

Once baselines are established, the Code Defender Dashboard will show initial insights on the scripts running on your site, their characteristics and domains they are interacting with.

Scripts and Domain Feedback

Your baselines is enhanced based on customer-based feedback on the initial insights.