PerimeterX Code Defender Overview


Today, website logic is shifting to the front-end. Companies, more often than not, are using readymade third-party code components (third-party javascript) and open-source libraries to build their websites and to offer new capabilities faster.
Since a script from third-party sources and open-source libraries run on a page it has access to all the elements and data on the page. Because this happens on the user’s browser, it limits the visibility of the different operations these scripts are performing on the browser or the data and page elements they access. If a script is changed, and introduces breached or malicious code, it can cause significant damage to users and business such as stealing or manipulating data. This creates significant security and privacy risks for websites.

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PerimeterX’s Code Defender provides comprehensive client-side visibility and protection to websites and companies, detecting data leaks, malicious and suspicious activities facilitated by first or third-party scripts tampering or extensions/add-ons.
The Code Defender constantly analyzes the client side scripts, their actions and known baselines to highlight any malicious, suspicious or anomalous behavior, flagging real-time incidents that require attention.

PerimeterX’s analysis is performed using real user data collected on an on-going basis; scripts are identified and categorized into different groups to provide full visibility, transparency, and site security.
Once Code Defender is deployed, a site baseline is established and compared to a common global baseline and known script behaviors. Every script is then analyzed thoroughly to highlight all anomalous and unique behaviors, including DOM, Network and Storage actions.