Where do I define what my Login Pages, Product, Search, and other page types are?

Once PerimeterX has accumulated enough data from your application, your site will be automatically mapped, and your main site paths will be divided into specified page types. Manual Page Type mapping can also be performed, see further information in the Page Type Mapping section.

How do I refine the time range of my search for only one component?

To dive into a more specific time range for a single component or for the whole dashboard, click and drag over the specific time range. You will be prompted to apply that time range to the specific component or for the whole dashboard.

What is included in Legitimate Requests?

Legitimate requests include all good traffic, not including custom Allowlist and allowed known bots and crawlers

What is included in Blocked Requests?

Blocked requests are all requests blocked by PerimeterX, including custom Denylist and denied known bots and crawlers