Billing Structure

Option 1: Requests Based Billing (web, mobile & API)

Unit of Measure - Requests

Requests (requests to a web server) measure the number of calls a server handles. Requests include all types of server requests: traffic originating from both web and mobile, traffic from users running javascript and traffic from users not running Javascript. The number of requests provides full visibility to both page requests and blocked requests.

Usage Calculation

The total number of requests, including custom allowlist rules, excluding requests originated from Allowed known bots and Allowed IP services. Contains both web, mobile and API requests. Legitimate, Blocked, Custom Allowlist, and Custom Denylist traffic is counted towards usage.

Option 2: Pageviews (web and API) & Monthly Active Users (mobile) Based Billing

Web & API Unit of Measure - Pageviews

PX Pageviews are an aggregation of Javascript pageviews and API server requests bundled together as a single PX Pageview. PerimeterX Bot Defender includes the API server calls since certain portion of websites’ traffic can originate from automated tools that don’t run Javascript.

Usage Calculation

Billable Web usage is determined by total number of web and API pageviews, including custom allowlist rules, excluding Allowed known bots, IP services.

For more details on how Pageviews work, see Explore the Data

Mobile Unit of Measure - Monthly active users (MAU)

The number of unique users who have performed some action in an app within the last month.

Usage Calculation

Billable Mobile Usage is determined by total monthly active users, excluding Allowed known bots and IP services (in case PerimeterX mobile protection is on). Mobile pageviews will be reduced from the total pageviews number.


Usage Alerts

You can receive email alerts to let you know if you are nearing your usage threshold. This prevents you from going over your usage threshold.
To receive Usage Alerts, provide us with the email addresses you want the alerts sent to, and when (reaching a threshold of 80%, 90%, etc.) you want to start receiving the alerts.