Track Activity

How do I monitor activites and changes made in the Code Defender console?

The Audits tab provides a detailed view of changes made to an entity, such as a script or incident. The table displays the Entity and entity Description, what changes were made to the entity and who made the changes. The table also displays the time the change was made (in UTC).


The Event ID column shows the last 7 digits of the Event ID. The Event ID can be copied by hovering on the ID and clicking the copy icon.

Local filters

Filter the fetched data by exact Event ID, Applications, Host Names, Entities, Modifiers and Changes. The filters are combined with an AND operator, while within each category they are combined with an OR operator.

You can also filter the data according to:

  • Applications
  • Host Domains
  • Time Range - Select up to 3 months back. By default the time range is 1 month

The data in the Audits table can be exported to a CSV file that includes all the fetched data.