First Party Configuration

In First Party Mode, the PerimeterX Akamai EdgeWorker Enforcer acts as a reverse proxy for client requests and sensor activity.

As an Edge Enforcer, the Akamai EdgeWorker Enforcer is configured with First-Party enabled by default. In case of failover, the Javascript Snippet sends requests directly to the PerimeterX servers in Third-Party Mode.

To confirm that you have configured your PerimeterX Akamai EdgeWorker Enforcer in First-Party mode:

  1. Log in to Akamai Property Manager
  2. Make sure that the PX_FIRST_PARTY_ENABLED property variable is set to true
  3. After configuring the Enforcer to handle First-Party requests, complete the steps in the Integrate 1st-Party JS Snippet section to make sure your snippet is set up to serve the JavaScript Sensor via First-Party.

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