Akamai EdgeWorker Enforcer


This guide describes how to install and configure PerimeterX Akamai EdgeWorker Enforcer.

The Akamai EdgeWorker Enforcer is based on the following Akamai CDN features:

  • Akamai Property Manager - Akamai’s configuration application. Using the Property Manager, customers can set the way Akamai’s edge servers behave for the end user’s request.
  • Akamai NetStorage - Akamai's cloud storage.
  • Akamai EdgeWorkers - Akamai’s tool to manage and run JavaScript code at the edge.

The PerimeterX Akamai EdgeWorker Enforcer is made up of configuration settings set through Akamai Property Manager, static files stored on the customer's NetStorage, and an EdgeWorker written in JavaScript.