Configuring the Cartridge
  • 26 Feb 2023
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Configuring the Cartridge

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Setting the Cartridge Preferences:

  1. In Merchant Tools select Site Preferences -> Custom Preferences.
  2. In the Custom Site Preference Groups, click PXConfig.
  3. In the top left section of the form, select your current Instance Type (default is Sandbox).
  4. Enter the following three (3) mandatory parameters:
    • AppID - The PerimeterX custom application id in the format of PX__ .
    • Authentication Token - The JWT token used for REST API. The Authentication Token is generated in PerimeterX Portal -> Application page.
    • Cookie Key - The key used by the cookie signing page. The Cookie Key is generated in the PerimeterX Portal -> Policy page
  5. If you are using SGJC, enter the SGJC controllers cartridge name in the SGJC Cartridge Name property.
  6. Enter any of the optional configuration options
  7. Click Save.

Adding the JavaScript Sensor:

The PerimeterX JavaScript sensor complements the cartridge and provides visibility into browser activities.

  1. Login to the PerimeterX Portal.
  2. Navigate to Admin -> Applications.
  3. In Snippet, open the Third Party Sensor (PerimeterX Server) accordion item and click Copy Snippet.

Using a Tag Manager

  • If you are already using a tag manager, add the snippet as a new tag.

Using the Snippet Directly

  • Add the snippet to every page to be protected by PerimeterX, or add it to a general template (such as header.isml).

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