Datadog Integration
  • 02 Apr 2023
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Datadog Integration

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Article Summary

Integrating HUMAN Bot Defender with Datadog allows you to see Bot Defender related logs in your Datadog platform, maping Bot Defender related logs to standard attributes within your Datadog platform. The integration also adds the HUMAN Bot Defender console to your Datadog dashboard, allowing you to see key data points and identify potential spikes in activity across HUMAN logs from within Datadog.

Configuring the Integration

  1. Generate a new Integration API Key in your Datadog portal
  2. Configure a Datadog integration as specified here
  3. In the Datadog portal, navigate to the Integrations section.
  4. Locate the "Perimeterx" integration
  5. Click +Available to install the integration

Validating Installation

Once HUMAN support has confirmed that the integration is complete, validate that the integration was successful:

  1. Login to your Datadog portal
  2. Navigate to the Logs -> Configuration page to view the existing Pipelines.
  3. Confirm that the PerimeterX pipeline is listed.2334
  4. Navigate to the Logs -> Search.
  5. Perform a search for logs with a filter "source:perimeterx"
  6. Confirm that PerimeterX logs are showing up in the Log Explorer.2362
  7. Navigate to the Dashboards -> Dashboard List
  8. Confirm that the PerimeterX Bot Defender Dashboard is present in your dashboard list.2324
HUMAN metrics are not supported in the tile integration

While HUMAN does support exporting both logs and metrics to the Datadog platform, the tile integration will only provide insight into the exported logs. Customers will need to develop their own insights from the exported metrics.

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